Mountain West Financial Offering New Consumer Portal

A perfect blend of technology and personalized service. Mountain West Financial is excited to boost the consumers experience with our new our new borrower portal and online application system.

This digital platform streamlines the journey from application to close to make it even easier for your homebuyers to make homeownership a reality!

  • Increase pull through rates with automated verifications, instant pre-approvals and seamless eClosing.
  • Replace documents with data and use intelligent, automated workflows to close more loans without adding staff.
  • Allow borrowers to connect directly to their asset, payroll, and tax accounts.
  • Reduce manual downstream work. Automatically initiate income and employment verification via The Work Number by Equifax® at the time an application is completed.
  • Analyze borrower data and documents to automatically detect issues and surface them at the time of application, reducing the number of processing and underwriting touches needed.
  • Provide real-time assistance at any point during the application process. No matter where the applicant may be, helpful co-pilot guidance is available from the loan officer.

We are excited to deliver a seamless digital mortgage experience from application to eClose for you and your borrowers.